WORKSHOP: Smartphone Tips & Tricks

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WORKSHOP: Smartphone Tips & Tricks

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If you have a smartphone, you are carrying around an amazing resource for helping you manage many of your everyday activities!

Through this workshop you will learn:

  • tools for becoming more productive with apps on your phone
  • tips for managing your time and daily tasks & to-do lists
  • new ways for setting up reminders
  • travel tips and tricks 
  • a basic overview of cloud storage options
  • how to save money when shopping
  • ways to greatly reduce junk mail
  • how to safely keep track of your passwords

...and much more!

At this workshop you will receive:

  • a workbook of all the resources covered
  • 30 minute hands-on opportunity to begin implementing what you have learned

Bring your smartphone and get ready to learn some new ways to utilize technology for a more organized life!

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