Step One: establish goals and objectives (free consultation)

When you're feeling overwhelmed by clutter, it's helpful to have a conversation with someone who's familiar with the challenges of prioritizing how to organize a chaotic space. So before signing any paperwork or making any agreements, I offer all of my prospective clients a free phone consultation. I’ll ask you about the size and configuration of your space, how long you've lived in your home, and specific questions about your challenges and goals. This helps both of us understand your priorities, time frame, and what you most hope to accomplish.


Step Two: initial assessment 

If, after our phone consultation, you decide you're ready to take the next step, we'll set an appointment to meet in your home for an Initial Assessment. 

During the Assessment, we'll walk through your home together and I'll learn more about your unique needs and style, figuring out the areas of your home where you would like the most assistance. I’ll then be able to give you an idea of a realistic time frame and process for achieving those goals. This Assessment usually takes approximately ninety minutes. With your permission, I will take photos and measurements for planning if needed. Don't worry about any criticism or judgement concerning your home or habits. I work with compassion and kindness to support and assist you in coming up with a plan to organize your space [see my *Confidentiality Promise below].

During my Assessment, I'll give you suggestions and ideas (based on your budget and style) that will help you improve the efficiency and quality of your space and life. This will help you gain a vision of the steps needed to reach your goals to make your home a more ordered, efficient, and peaceful environment.

At this point, you may choose whether to work on your own to implement my input or purchase an Organizing Package to work with me. 


Step Three: Purchase an organizing session

If you decide that you would like to work with me to implement all or part of what we discuss, you can purchase one or more organizing sessions. My rates are based four hour sessions, because I have found that in four hours there can be maximum progress made while working on an area or room with my clients. I offer a $25 discount if you purchase an organizing package during your Assessment.

I prefer to work in four hour-sessions with my clients but am available for longer or shorter sessions as needed. I will work with you to fit your time frame and budget.  For your convenience, I accept payment by VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, PayPal®, cash, and personal check.

In addition to clarifying and ordering your space, my objective in working with you is to equip you with new skills that you'll use to maintain the order in this and other areas of your home. During our organizing sessions, I will:

  • work alongside you to sort through belongings;

  • help you decide what to release or keep;

  • organize everything in the area that we're focusing on;

  • help you to set up systems that work well for you and your home;

  • teach you strategies to help you stay on track in the future.


*Confidentiality Promise: As a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) I promise to keep all client information confidential. I will protect you, your interests, and your confidentiality. I will serve you with integrity, competence, and objectivity. I will treat you with respect and courtesy.