Are you planning to relocate?

I can help you prepare for your move by decluttering and making sure that you move only the things that you currently need and use. I'm also available to help with consigning your household items that you no longer need, arranging for items to be donated or hauled away.

Client Testimonials....

"An impending move prompted my desire to get “organized.” What I didn't expect was a life changing experience that has allowed me to regain control over my kitchen. Working with Laura truly helped me understand simple principles of organizing and how to implement them to improve my efficiency."   - L.D.

"Laura was the perfect fit for what I was looking for!! She was professional, timely, friendly, full of great advice and we seemed to really connect. I feel like I have the house I've dreamed of now. All it took was the right person helping me declutter and organize. She also helped me stage our home for getting ready to go on the market to sell. I loved her simple but highly effective ways of staying organized. I've actually been able to keep it up, which I'm never able to do. She even took stuff to the dump and for donations each day when we were done. If your job is big or small I would highly recommend her. She did great with our 3 story townhome!!!" - A.A.

Moving into a new home or apartment?

I'd love to help you get settled and set up your new space in the most efficient and organized way. Since most people keep things where they put them when they move in, getting my help unpacking and deciding where to put your belongings in your new rooms will make a huge difference in the way your home feels and functions.  I can also help you find organizing products that will improve your space.


*Confidentiality Promise: As a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) I promise to keep all client information confidential. I will protect you, your interests, and your confidentiality. I will serve you with integrity, competence, and objectivity. I will treat you with respect and courtesy.