Picture the life you want. What does it look like?

Does your home reflect that vision?

Most people find that the state of their home reflects their state of mind. In the same way, clarifying and ordering your external space can bring a sense of harmony to your inner world. It's difficult to function well when we're stressed, overwhelmed by stuff, and unable to figure out how to get everything under control. Order brings peace. It allows us to rest, breathe easier, and to be free to live the life we want to live.  

Working alongside you, I'll help you discover what you really use, need, and love, and then help to create a place for everything that matters. Take a look at a few of my client's spaces to get an idea of how I might be able to work with you in your home!



I can help you prepare for your move by decluttering and making sure that you move only the things that you currently need and use.

A Client Testimonial....An impending move prompted my desire to get “organized.” What I didn't expect was a life changing experience that has allowed me to regain control over my kitchen. Working with Laura truly helped me understand simple principles of organizing and how to implement them to improve my efficiency. Laura did not come in and clean for me. Instead, we worked together to find specific spaces for the items we need every day in the kitchen. Now that I have control over the space, I really enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen. It was truly a pleasure working with Laura, and I feel that I learned many skills that I use every day.  - L.D.


I'd love to help you get settled and set up your new space in the most efficient and organized way!

I'm also available to help with consigning your household items that you no longer need, arranging for items to be donated or hauled away, and shopping to purchase organizing products that will improve your space.

A Client Testimonial....Some people have a junk drawer, I had a junk room. I called Laura at Abell Organizing to help me organize that troublesome room...read more

Abell Organizing serves Towson and the greater Baltimore area.