Q: Do I need to straighten up my messy house before you come to do the assessment?

A: No! Please don’t clean up your home before my visit! Seeing your house “as is” helps me to understand your natural lifestyle and habits and will help me come up with a plan that fits your particular needs. 

Q: My whole house needs organizing. How can I decide where to start?

A: During our phone consultation and assessment I will ask you questions and together we will determine which area of your home would be the best place to start. Many of my clients hire me to help them with several areas and we spread our work out over a time frame that works best for them. It is exciting to see your home, one space at a time, become more functional, organized and efficient!

Q: How long will the organizing process take?

A: The number of hours for actual hands-on, one-on-one time that you spend with me will depend on the size and condition of your space and your individual goals for that space. It will also depend on how quickly you make decisions as we sort, purge, and organize, and whether or not you complete the tasks that I give you to work on between sessions.

Q: Why should I hire a professional organizer?

A: It can be very challenging on your own to bring order to a very disorganized space. It probably took years to create the chaos, and many people don't know where to begin making a change. Because of my training and experience, I am able to bring a fresh perspective and objectivity to the areas of your home that feel out of control and overwhelming. I love to solve problems and help your home become the peaceful and functional place that you long for it to be. 

Are you preparing for a move and need help decluttering and releasing the things you own but don't use and enjoy anymore? Or have you just moved into a new space and need some help setting up your home in the most efficient and organized way? Relocating is an excellent time to consider contacting Abell Organizing.

Q: What are your hours?

A: Please contact me by phone during business hours or, if you prefer, send me an email and I will call you. Organizing sessions can be scheduled on weekdays and weekends. Evening appointments are also available. 

Q: Do you provide any other services?

A: Yes! I can make product recommendations to you as we are working together and offer a shopping service to clients who don't have the time to purchase products that they want to buy. As we are organizing your home, I will help you decide whether to donate, sell, recycle, or consign the items that you no longer need and use. Having lived in Baltimore for more than 20 years, I can refer you to wonderful handymen, closet installers, electricians, and many other service professionals in your area.  I am also available to give free workshops to your school or church group on a variety of organizing topics.

Q: Do you make a commission by selling any certain closet system or specific brands of storage products? 

A: No, I'm not affiliated with any closet or organizing products.  This allows me to determine what is best for you and your specific needs rather than try to sell you a certain brand.