Getting started


Change is a process—and it's rarely easy. Often, even when we can envision the outcome (a tidy desk, a neat pantry, an orderly garage) taking the first step can seem impossible.

You may feel ready to reorganize or simplify a room or space but overwhelmed by the work that lies ahead.  Breaking the task into small, manageable steps will help you get started. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What's the one area or room in your home that troubles you the most? How do you feel when you're in it? Anxious? Confused? Irritated? Jot down a few words that come to mind when you think about spending time there.
  • Consider each and every 'thing' in that room or space. Do you really need it? How often is it used? Is it a duplicate? Can you think of someone else who might need or want it?
  • Are there items in the room that you would be willing to get rid of but that still have meaning for another family member? Is he or she willing to participate in the reorganization project?
  • more questions leading up to PROCESS

Once you've given some thought to these questions, here are some action steps to take:

  • Designate a closet or corner of an unused room for the box of belongings you plan to give away or sell. Once you move an item to that box, try not to look back or reconsider.
  • Set a deadline for getting the contents of the box to a church thrift shopconsignment store, or charitable organization.
  • Celebrate meeting your deadline with a movie, massage, or special meal. Rest and repeat!

If you feel stuck at any point in this process, don't be alarmed! The push-pull of emotions that leads us to acquire things, become attached to them, and face the realistic need to part with them is very strong. A patient, objective set of eyes can be just what's needed to approach a reorganizing project. If this is a step you want to take, I'm ready to work with you.