3 Quick Tips To Help Organize Your Child's Bedroom

In this post I was working with a client who has two little girls (ages 4 and 6) who share a bedroom. Things can get a bit crazy and crowded! There wasn't any room for them to play with their toys or know where to put them away.

3 Quick Tips To Help Organize Your Child's Bedroom

1. Use Nextdoor

Similar to Craigslist, but limited to people who live near you, Nextdoor is a free, private social network where you can connect with people from your neighborhood (and surrounding neighborhoods as well.) It is a great way to buy things that you need and sell those that you don't! If your neighborhood doesn't have Nextdoor yet, you can get it going! This client was able to purchase these storage cubbies for her daughter's room on Nextdoor at a very reasonable price.

2. Rearrange the room (and consider minimizing furniture) 

One of the first things I always think about when working with my clients is how they have arranged the furniture in the room, and whether or not the furniture is serving a purpose there. Once we set up a room in our home, many times we keep it the way we have it even though it isn't functioning well. It is so great to bring in a pair of "fresh eyes" to rethink the space.  Many times I've found that there is more furniture than necessary, and removing some of it can open up space and provide a more peaceful and organized environment. In this room, we moved a few pieces of furniture out, and it made a huge difference in the feel and functionality of the room.

3. Follow this process

Step 1. Go through all of the toys, releasing those that are broken, missing pieces, or outgrown.

Step 2. Decide which toys to keep in the room and which to move to another space in your home.

Step 3. Store the toys in well-labeled bins, boxes, or cubbies so that your kids can find them when they are ready to play & put them away when it is time to clean up.

Step 4. Label the containers. When you are organizing toys and games, it is awesome to get your kids involved and let them draw a picture or make a label on the computer for each of the bins. Even very young children can help! This will get them excited to be a part of the organizing process, and make it easier for them to put things away because they have designed the labels and know what goes where. 

These bins are organized and ready for her daughters to label!

These bins are organized and ready for her daughters to label!

If it is time to clean out some clutter in your kid's room (or in any other area of your house) and want some help, give me a call! I would love to come alongside you to "make space for life" in your home.